Following in His Brother’s Footsteps...And Beyond.

Part of the remains of Carrigaline Castle once owned by Daniel Gookin
Encouraged by the success of his older brother Vincent,Daniel Gookin moved from Kent,England to Ireland and settled across Courtmacsherry Bay in Coolmain.Daniel also became involved in Pilchard fishing and in 1616 he purchased The Castle and surrounding 6,000 acres of land at Carrigaline from Thomas Petley. Daniel moved his wife and five sons into the castle soon after.Daniel soon found himself involved  in a property dispute with Robert Boyle,The Earl of Cork after Boyle encroached on some of Daniel’s land.Daniel set off with men and arms to retake the land by force if needed.However Boyle was one of most powerful and influential men in Munster and Daniel realizing that a long drawn out conflict would not be in his best interest agreed to sell his property to Boyle.Daniel negotiated a 22 year lease where by He and his Family remained in residence at The Castle and Daniel retained all rights to profits from his fisheries,wool flocks,and Cattle Herds.
Daniel struck up a friendship with Captain William Newce who had established Newcetown near Bandon. They invested in "The Virginia Holdings Company Of London." Newce set sail across the Atlantic to establish a colony in Virginia but fell gravely ill and passed away two days after landing. The Colony was in danger of total failure when Daniel arrived a few weeks later on his ship "The Flying Hart" with Settlers, Cattle and Provisions to ensure the success of the Colony that would eventually become The City of New Port News.
Daniel returned to Ireland leaving his sons Daniel Jr and John to manage the Virginia Properties. Over the following years Daniel suffered many financial setbacks from poor investments including a planned expedition to find the mythical Island of Saint Brendan. He spent his final years residing in Cork City at Red Abbey.
Daniel Gookin Sr died in 1633.