A Distinguished Career In Public Service

Memorial Plaque dedicated to Major General Daniel Gookin located on the wall directly across from the entrance gate of Harvard University

 Daniel Gookin Jr,the third son of Daniel Gookin Sr was born in 1612 in County Kent,England and was baptized in Bristol and moved to Carrigaline with his family shortly after. At the age of 18 Daniel and his Brother John sailed out of Ireland to the Family’s Virginia property with Their Father.

Over the course of his lifetime Daniel Gookin Jr would go on to own several Plantations in Virginia, Maryland, and Massachusetts as well as having a long and distinguished career in public service, holding a variety of positions both civilian and in the military including Member of The Virginia House of Burgesses and Speaker of The House in Massachusetts and Major General of The Massachusetts Militia.He was also named Superintendent of Christian Indians, There is strong evidence That His attitude towards the native people may have been influenced by his Cousin Sir Vincent Gookin Jr’s attitude towards The Irish.

In 1655 Daniel traveled to London in order to administer the affairs of his late brother Edwards estate.Once this task had been completed He was given orders directly from Oliver Cromwell to attempt to recruit Colonists from New England who would be willing to move to Jamaica,which England had recently taken by force from Spain. Daniel left England and spent sometime in Barbados before returning to New England and attempting to carry out Cromwell’s orders.

Unfortunately news of living conditions in Jamaica had reached New England ahead of Daniel and repeated efforts to entice colonists to make the move met with failure. Daniel detailed all this in a letter to Cromwell’s Secretary of State John Thurloe.Daniel returned to London sometime in 1657 or 1658 and was appointed "Deputy Treasurer of War"at Dunkirk. 

When The Stuart Restoration took place in 1660 and Charles The Second became King of England,he decided to seek vengence on all who had any connection to the execution of His Father. 

Two of those people were William Goffe and Edward Whalley. Whalley was especially wanted because he was a Cousin to Cromwell and the third person to sign King Charles The First’s death warrant.Daniel,who had personal and business dealings with Cromwell,decided that it was time to return to America and Goffe and Whalley accompanied him on his journey and even stayed at his home in Massachusetts for a time. England sent representatives to Massachusetts in order to insure loyalty to The King, but due to the efforts of Thomas Danforth and Daniel Gookin Jr,were unsuccessful.Over the next two decades the Crown would make several attempts to find Goffe and/or Whalley but were hampered in their efforts by Colonists who either hid the two men or intentionally misdirected The English Agents as to Goffe and Whaley’s location. Daniel Gookin Jr passed away in 1687,a plaque dedicated to his memory is located on the wall directly across from the entrance gate to Harvard University.