An Englishman speaks up for The Irish


 Sir Vincent Gookin Jr was born most likely in Cork,sometime in 1616 and was raised at his Parents Estate at Gloucestershire.About ten years after his Father’s death, he sold The Gloucestershire property to Doctor Samuel Bave and moved to Ireland permanently in 1648.

He served as Surveyor General of Ireland and was part of "The Down Survey" of 1656 along with Sir William Petty and Miles Symner that aimed to apportion land to Cromwell’s soldiers as payment for arrears.

He was twice elected to Parliament as one of Thirty members(six members during his first term in office) representing Ireland.

In 1655 he authored The Pamphlet "The Great Case Of Transplantation In Ireland Discussed" in which he argued on religious, moral, and economic terms against a plan to forcibly relocate most, if not all The Native Irish into one Section of Ireland(Connaught) as punishment for The 1641 Rebellion. Vincent advocated instead for assimilation.He was accused by some members of The Army of accepting bribes from The Irish Rebels( though never formally charged) and was described by one fellow member of Parliament as a "Degenerate Englishman who had been corrupted by The Irish" In His defense he noted that it was "The English Citizens of Bandon and Kinsale who had elected him to Parliament and offered to pay his expenses to travel to London." Sir Vincent Gookin Jr was still in office when he passed away sometime in 1659.